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Home to the Original Hot Yoga

Specially Structured Courses

  • 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises
  • Practiced in a heated room.
  • Designed to promote oxygen-rich blood circulation. Working systematically throughout every inch of the human body. Including the spine and vital organs.


About Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga was brought to North America in 1971. By Hatha Yoga Guru, Bikram Choudhury.

The Bikram Yoga system focuses on low-impact movements. Unlike conventional exercises. Bikram Yoga isn’t repetitive or stressful on your joints.

Yoga Thornhill Sequence
For over 40 years, This carefully created sequence has remained unchanged for one simple reason:

It Works!

It works by optimizing your health. In turn, it cures a long list of ailments: Physical and Mental…

 How Does It Work?

Please take a moment to read about the mechanisms in the Bikram Yoga system. And how they work to optimize your overall health. Enhancing the enjoyment of your life.

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…Let it be said. Some will claim Bikram Yoga to be a “miracle cure”. We believe the notion to be misleading. Bikram Yoga is simply an efficient

method, for achieving optimal health. It boasts long standing results among its regular practitioners.

In essence, if you want to see the results, you must put in the effort.;

Bikram Yoga Thornhill Markham. HISTORY

We found our potential space. Completing all the necessary paperwork by early 2014.

Construction on our brand new facility, here at Bikram Yoga Thornhill Markham,

started in June of 2014. Construction was completed in February of 2015.
We have been open since February 27th!!

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A mantra is a sequence of words. It is often recited internally. While repeating the mantra you can meditate. It is an effective way of  controlling your future. Our mission here is to share Yoga. Bikram Method Yoga, to the people of Thornhill. And so we repeat inside:

Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill. Yoga Thornhill.

While sending you good vibrations.