Class Schedule.

Below is the class schedule. The class schedule shows the start time of each class. There are currently two classes per day, but as studio attendance increases, so will the quantity of classes. This class schedule will be changing from month to month. So be sure to check the class schedule at least twenty-four hours before you plan to take a class. Along with start times, the class schedule allows you to sign up for classes, after your first visit. Also included is the name of the teacher that will be leading each class.


When arriving for class make sure that you have everything you need. To assure that you are able to practice Yoga at our studio, please arrive at least FIVE MINUTES before class starts. Our doors are open, twenty-five minutes before class starts. And are locked at the beginning of every class. On days where there are back to back classes, there is a Thirty minute time limit to shower and exit the studio.  If you haven’t made it on time, you will be not be admitted into the class. There is NO LATE ADMITTANCE. We suggest arriving twenty minutes before class and lying down on your mat in the heated room. This gives your body an advantage as it will already be fully warmed up before the class even begins. Warming up however is a quick process in the heated room. If you’re short on time and aren’t able to make it twenty minutes in advance, you will not necessarily suffer any adverse consequences.  Changes to the class schedule are usually made at the beginning of the month. The next scheduled change is at the beginning of June (2015).


Stay tuned to the schedule link above, our online store is close to being operational.