How Bikram Yoga Works

How Bikram Yoga Works

Understanding Blood

Understanding How Bikram Yoga Works involves understanding blood. It’s something we all have, Blood; but what does it do for us? When we add something to our bodies, be it medicine, food, water, even oxygen through the air we breathe: it is carried around our body in our blood so that the organs which need them can pick them up and use them. So it makes sense that the tubes (arteries and veins) that carry around our blood, travel through every inch of our body. It also makes sense to keep these veins and arteries clean and healthy as though your life depends on it, because it does.

Understanding Bikram Yoga and the Tourniquet Effect

The Tourniquet Effect is what happens to a garden hose when it is pinched:

  • Pressure builds up behind the blockage (pinch).
  • When the pinch/blockage is released, water rushes through with that added pressure.
Many of the postures in the Bikram Yoga series work on this principal to cleanse your veins and arteries.

By systematically manipulating blood pressure in targeted areas around the body, optimal circulation is restored, not exclusively to the vital organs, but to the endocrine and lymphatic systems. Proper blood circulation to these systems are imperative to their functioning optimally.

Little about the Endocrine and Lymphatic systems

The Endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce and release chemicals called hormones that regulate many important functions in the body and the brain. A few of these functions include: Digestion, Sleep(body-clock), Hair and Nail Growth, Metabolism, etc.

The Lymphatic system helps the body avoid infection by producing Lymphocytes (white blood cells) which find foreign or toxic particles and keep them away from the blood stream until they can be disposed of through the sweat or urine.

Understanding the Heat: Sweating and Detoxification

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room that is heated to 105 Degrees Fahrenheit with a 40% rate of humidity. This is done, so that within the time it takes to complete the first breathing exercise the muscles in your body are ready to stretch without tearing or straining. Heat also changes the viscosity of your blood, making it run thinner and become a more efficient transporter of oxygen, while enhancing the Tourniquet effect.

On top of these amazing benefits of the heat, is the body’s reaction of sweating. Between 2 and 4 million sweat glands that located on every inch of your skin, are used to regulate temperature and remove waste by secreting water, sodium salts, and nitrogenous waste (such as urea) onto the skin surface. Although sweat is mostly water, repeated sessions of sweating represents an extremely efficient detoxification method.

Understanding the Nervous system

The nervous system, is like several billion sensors and wires (neurons) spread throughout the body, routed through the spine, and concentrated within the brain where all the information is processed. The nervous system tells your brain what your eyes are seeing, what your ears are hearing and when your feet have touched the ground. The Spine is especially instrumental in terms of physical movement. Any feelings sensed by the brain, below the chin, as well as every instruction given by the brain to move any muscles below the chin, are electrical signals that run up and down the spine respectively.

Bikram Yoga’s “healthy spine, healthy life”-style

It’s all in the sequence. Bikram yoga focuses on slowly warming up the over 100 joints that make up the spine, before strengthening the 120 muscles that surround it in postures 16-19. Considering how vital the nervous system is, with its impact on our basic abilities to walk, move and physically respond, day to day, it’s hard to ignore the importance of a healthy spine for a physically healthy life.

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