Price List

Price List

Price List

Single Session Price
Single Class $20.00
Multiple Sessions # of Sessions Price
10 Class Card 10 $160.00
20 Class Card 20 $240.00
40 Class Card 40 $420.00
5 Class Card 5 $90.00
Unlimited Sessions Duration Price
Introductory 10 Day Unlimited 10 Days $22.12
Introductory 30 Day Unlimited 30 Days $44.25
Month to Month Bikram Yoga Contract 1 Month $79.00
UNLIMITED 1 Month 1 Month $155.00
UNLIMITED 1 Year 1 Year $1190.00
UNLIMITED 3 Month 3 Month $360.00
UNLIMITED 6 Month 6 Month $645.00
Contract/Autopay Membership Billing Cycle
Month to Month Unlimited Contract(4 month minimum commitment) $.79.00per month
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Price List Guide

 Introductory Packages

This is the first thing that you should look at on our price list. Weather you’re a veteran Bikram Yogi who just moved to this neck of the woods, or you’re new to Yoga entirely. The introductory packages are the best way, to either try Bikram Yoga for the first time, or to just get back into your practice, at the most reasonable rate. Our introductory packages are for new students only, or “one per customer”.  However, during our first year of business, we’re allowing each and every student to purchase two consecutive introductory packages. As if that wasn’t enough we’ve also discounted the first 30 day intro from $44.25, t0 just $30!!!     Keeping in mind the price of a single class with no commitment ($20), these introductory packages, (not to mention the opening special), are an absolute steal!

Life After the Introductory: Class Cards or Unlimiteds, which is right for me…?

The introductory packages are designed to give you a chance to decide how often you see yourself coming to class in the future. Now, I’m going to leave the math to you, but to sum up our pricing system:

  • The less often you plan to come to class, the more you should be looking at Class Card Packages to avoid paying the “Single Class” rate.
  • The more often you plan to come to class, the more you should consider our unlimited packages, or our month to month unlimited contract.

(Please note that the month to month contract has a minimum commitment of 4 months. After 4 months, cancellation of this contract requires 30 days notice).