Studio Rules

      Studio Rules

Studio Rules. Studio Rules. Studio Rules


In the Studio

  • No shoes beyond the front desk.
  •  Kindly refrain from taking anything that does not belong to you.

In the Yoga Room

  • Only cell phones that are completely switched off are allowed in the Yoga room (vibrate or silent modes are not enough). Keys, wallets and pocket-books are also allowed, but please be mindful of the noise your keys make while others are trying to meditate.
  • Except for in an emergency, no speaking in the Yoga room, before, during, or after class.
  • Please be considerate, if you sweat a lot, please move slowly so that you do not share your sweat with your neighbours.

During Class

  • Please refrain from drinking water until the “first official water break” (that’s right after eagle pose).
  • No excessive face and body wiping, we sweat for many reasons, and one of them is to test your mental resolve not to wipe.
  • No Pouring water on yourself (your water is for drinking and not for pouring on your face or body when you feel hot during class).
  • Please do not drink or move excessively if you are taking a break while others are still in posture.
  • Please respect our method; we believe in synergy: Please Do Not perform postures that are not part of the sequence, and respect the timing/tempo set by the teacher. Please make sure that the posture you’re in, is the same as the posture that everyone else is in.

Studio Suggestions and Tips


  • Do Not eat anything for two hours prior to class.
  • The heat can be difficult to adjust to. But as long as you hydrate yourself between classes, and try to come to class at least 4 times a week, you can expect to see and feel amazing changes in your mind, body, and spirit, within weeks.
  • Hydration Hydration Hydration. We can’t emphasize enough how important its is to hydrate during the 24hrs BEFORE and after class.

During Practice

The most basic tips are the most important:

  • Unless specified, try to breathe in and out through your nose at all times during the class.
  • When in Savasana, practice perfect stillness
  • Stay in the room! Giving up is easy. If you’re feeling lightheaded/dizzy, or sick/nauseous, you are not alone! These are very normal feelings during a Bikram class. If you simply sit down, keep still, and focus on your breathing, (remember, in and out through the nose), those feelings will subside.


Studio Rules. Studio Rules. Studio Rules